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Discover the village of Sobrado

Local activities in Sobrado. An encounter with nature and the history of Galicia.

Sobrado is a picturesque village located in the province of La Coruña.

With a special charm that invites you to discover it.

This place is characterized by its impressive natural environment and rich history. Surrounded by the Galician ridge, Sobrado offers mountainous landscapes and valleys that are part of its unique appeal.

The climate in Sobrado is oceanic, humid and cool, with abundant rainfall, which contributes to its exuberant vegetation. Temperatures can vary significantly, with hot summers and cold winters, making each season a different experience.

Geographically, Sobrado is located in a mountainous area, with altitudes of around 750 meters. The mountains of Cova da Serpiente and Montes do Corno do Boi to the west, and Montes do Bocelo to the south, are some of the highest points, offering panoramic views of the territory.

The municipality is also rich in hydrography, being the source of two important Galician rivers: the Mandeo and the Tambre. These rivers, together with its valleys, add a special charm to Sobrado’s landscape.

Despite facing challenges such as depopulation and an aging population, typical of many rural areas, Sobrado maintains its charm and its cultural and natural importance, inviting visitors to discover its hidden treasures.

Local activities in Sobrado.
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A Historical Legacy on the Camino de Santiago

Monastery of Santa María de Sobrado

The first of the local activities that we suggest in Sobrado is to visit this Monastery.

It is an emblem of Spanish medieval history and a significant point on the Camino de Santiago. Founded in 952, the monastery has witnessed a rich history that is intertwined with the spirituality and culture of the region.

Este monasterio, conocido también como Monasterio de Sobrado de los Monxes, is famous for its Cistercian architecture and its relevance in the spiritual and economic development of the area during the 12th and 13th centuries. Over the years, it has experienced periods of splendor and decadence, reflecting the historical and social changes of its surroundings.

A tribute to creativity and memory

Bea Rey Museum

Another of the local activities that we suggest is visiting this Museum.

The Bea Rey Museum, created in 2019 in Sobrado dos Monxes, A Coruña, is a space dedicated to preserving and celebrating the work of the painter Bea Rey, born in A Coruña in 1939. This private museum houses about two hundred pieces, representing the various creative stages of the artist.

The Bea Rey Museum is a testimony to the life and work of an artist who has left a significant mark on Spanish art, offering visitors a window into her creative world and artistic legacy.

A Natural Mirror in the Heart of Galicia

Sobrado Lagoon

Finally, one of the local activities that you can enjoy in abundance is in the hands of nature.

The Sobrado Lagoon is a beautiful example of the natural wealth of Galicia. Built between 1500 and 1530 by the monks of the Sobrado Monastery, this artificial lagoon was created by damming the waters of several streams that form the sources of the Tambre River. Originally, it was intended to provide water to the monastery, irrigate meadows, move mills and serve as a source of fish, especially trout, during Lent.

Sobrado Lagoon is a natural treasure that offers a refuge for wildlife and a space of serenity and beauty for visitors, reflecting the harmony between human history and the natural world.

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